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Poster: light into ashes Date: Oct 16, 2012 11:15am
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: those jerseys

This is quite an investigation!
Yes, I think the staff were free to boogie once the show got going.
There were two shows - only the late show had an acoustic set (due to time issues, probably).
Are you sure the alternate photo is from the same day? There are photos from the 2/11/70 show where they're dressed differently.
This photo is from 2/14, and it shows Phil & Billy wearing the FE jersey as well - which they're not in FEPhotog's picture:
In the video, Bill is in the white shirt in Hard to Handle from the late show (same as FEPhotog's photo) - Phil is invisible.
While in the Dark Star (from the early show) Phil is wearing the jersey.
So my guess is Phil & Bill changed shirts between shows... Which shows that FEPhotog's photo comes from the late show. (Another proof that it's not from the Dark Star medley!)

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Poster: Reade Date: Oct 16, 2012 12:07pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: those jerseys

The book I mentioned has, according to the captions that accompany the photos, stills of the Dead performing at the Fillmore East on 1/2/70, 2/11/70, and 2/14/70. All taken from that mini-balcony / sound booth to the stage-left side, above a fire exit. No Dead photo in the entire book is said to be from 2/13.

The photo that's attributed to 2/14/70 has none of the band members wearing FE jerseys as I mentioned- Jerry's in a black T-shirt and Bob's shirt is very light if not dead white. (It was used with the Dick's Pick's Vol. 4 packaging- Pig and Bob at microphones, Phil standing behind the drummers, some sort of smoke wafting above the amps, etc.)
In the 2/11 photo (with the Allmans on stage too), Bob has on a dark shirt and Pig's for that matter is a much darker shirt than he wore in the photo said to be form 2/14 also.

Soooooo, with what you've mentioned all I can think is maybe this '2/14' photo is mis-identified in the book?, and is actually from 2/13?